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Get Formed in the Faith

God is simple and complex.  The same is true of His Church and it's teachings.  It would take many lifetimes to plumb the depths of what God has taught us through His Word, Sacred Traditions, and the Magesterium, let alone the Church Fathers, the writings of the Saints, etc.  But it is well worth the time spent to make the journey into the heart of The Church and its Teachings.  Wisdom, Joy, Freedom, and true Happiness await those who undertake the adventure.  

Begin today!

Join us as we adventure through Mystery Island while we track down the truth about God and how He loves us.

Our expedition will include:

  • Games

  • Music

  • Lessons

  • Crafts

  • Snacks

Vacation Bible School 2022

June 20-24th


Church Hall

Registration first day of VBS

Children going into Kindergarten through 5th Grade are welcome to join in the adventure.  We need Sixth Graders and older to be a part of the VBS team to make this happen!

Contact Brandi at 247-2573 

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