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Pray for the Holy Souls

It is a Spiritual Work of Mercy to pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory (aka. the Church Suffering).  Click here to learn what The Church teaches about Purgatory.

Since we generally cannot know the state of a person's soul at their time of death, it is prudent to pray and offer penance for those souls to assist them to attaining the Beatific Vision (Heaven).

No prayer is ever wasted.  Souls already in Heaven do not need our prayers and penance, and the unfortunate souls in Hell cannot benefit them, therefore, God will apply our offerings to another soul in need.  

Is there someone deceased for whom you would like us to pray? Send us their name, with the year of their death to request their addition to this page.

Thanks for your request!

Because of the lack of belief in God, let alone in the mercy that is Purgatory, many souls have no one to pray for them.  Please also pray for these members of our Parish community (non-Catholics in the Glenrock area) who have passed.

Maurine Ann Duyck, 2023

Donna Ann Crawford, 2022

Ray & Cindy Pittsley, 2021

Gary Wilcox, 2021

Christine Webb, 2021

Maria Campo, 2020

Mary Kay Kindt, 2018

Ernie Orell, 2007

Hector Bernard, 2020

Freda Blakeley, 2020

Marie Davies, 2013

Bessie Hiser, 2017

Richard Cannady, 2018

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