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Reflect.  Repent.  Restore.

"The purpose of the first part of Lent is to bring us to compunction.  'Compunction' is related to the verb 'to puncture' and suggests the deflation of our inflated egos, a challenge to any self-deceit about the quality of our lives as disciples of Jesus.

"By hitting us again and again with demands which we not only fail to obey, but which we come to recognize as being quite beyond us, the Gospel passages are meant to trouble us, to confront our illusions about ourselves.

"'Remember, you are dust...' from this perspective, Lenten penance may be more effective if we fail our resolutions than if we succeed, for its purpose is not to confirm us in our sense of virtue, but to bring home to us our radical need
of salvation."

The Spirit of Lent, Notre Dame Center for Liturgy



Did you know?

Lent runs from Ash Wednesday until Evening Mass of the Lord's Supper on Holy Thursday.

Holy Thursday is the kickoff to the
"Sacred Paschal Triduum." 

Easter begins with the Easter Vigil on Saturday evening.  Easter is greatest Christian feast.

The Octave of Easter, starting Easter Sunday, is an eight-day super celebration of Easter, during which each day is like a little Easter Sunday! 
Celebrate on!

Eastertide has 50 days beginning Easter Sunday and culminating in Pentacost Sunday, the birth of The Church.

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Soup Supper Schedule

Lent for Everyone

Here are some resources to help you
have your best Lent yet.  

Reflect.  Repent.  Restore.

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