“Without the chalice, the faithful are deprived of this potent symbol of Christ’s sacrifice and the new covenant into which they were baptized.  Partaking of the chalice is not only a participation in Christ’s suffering and death, but also a foretaste of the eschatological banquet, the “wedding feast of the Lamb.”


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A clarion call for men to rise to their potential and reclaim true masculinity (as God intended it to be) and save our families, our culture, and our world.

A powerful and compelling 12-part series on manhood, produced by the Knights of Columbus.


Mass & the Sacraments

Sunday Mass  11 am
Mid-Week Masses:
     3rd Tues, 6:30pm

      Wed., 7 am



Sunday Rosary 10:30am
Eucharistic Adoration
  Tuesdays 7 am-6pm

Reconciliation, Sun. 10 am 

Other Sacraments as requested