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Good news!

We can eat meat today!

Celebrate the Solemnity of
St. Joseph!

March 19th is the Feast of St. Joseph, a day of great celebration!  And if it falls on a Friday of Lent, the Lenten penances and abstinences are waived. (No fasting or penances, and we can eat meat.)


In The Church's wisdom, midway through the somber, penitential season of Lent, Mother Church has placed a day of feasting and celebration to help us pilgrims bear the discomforts and sacrifices of Lent.


So, get to Mass if you can, put flowers on your table, throw a celebratory feast (complete with dessert), even raise a toast to the Foster Father of Jesus, the Terror of Demons, the Protector of Families, in gratitude for his faithfulness to God and his loving patronage of us, the adopted brothers and sisters of Christ. 


Happy feast day, St. Joseph!

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